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Mobility Scooters

Medical science has for years grappled with the problem of mobility for the disabled or the elderly and there has been a need for innovative and user friendly products that would be a boon for the people concerned. In order to fill this void the mobility scooter has been designed. It is very similar to the traditional wheelchair in terms of operation; however the difference between the two is in the design. The mobility scooters are configured like a scooter and are often referred to as electric scooter also. This innovative product was invented by Allan R Thieme in Michigan in the year 1968 and since then it has steadily gained popularity amongst the differently abled populace. Thieme built the scooter to help a family member diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the first mobility scooter was a home built front wheel drive device and was named “The Amigo”. Today Amigo is a reputed brand and Amigo Mobility International Inc is headquartered in Bridgeport, Michigan.

A mobility scooter comprises of a seat that is arranged over the two rear wheels and a flat foot rest for best comfort and ease of movement. There is a handlebar in the front to aid in the steering of the steerable wheels. Mobility scooters run on batteries and the batteries can be charged using an on-board or a separately placed charger using conventional power supplies. There are primarily two types of mobility scooters-the front wheel drive and the rear wheel drive. The reverse as well as forward motions can be controlled by the rider using a switch or finger controls or by thumb pads as per the design of the device. The front wheel drive variant is best suited for indoor applications while the rear wheel drive owing to its superior control features can be used outdoors as well as indoors. The weight bearing capacity for a front wheel drive is usually up to 250 pounds while that of the rear wheel drive is approximately 350 pounds.

Across the world this innovative product offering intuitive and compact design has aided millions who are plagued with mobility disorders. A mobility scooter is extremely beneficial for people who lack the stamina or the strength in the shoulders or the arms to manoeuvre a manual wheel chair. Further the swivelling seat of the mobility scooter is more advantageous as compared to the adjustable foot supports as available in conventional wheelchairs. The mobility scooter is extremely beneficial for people who have systemic disability or are down with conditions that affect the heart, lung or are plagued by arthritis and obesity. A major selling point of the mobility scooter is its design. The fact that it looks like a scooter gives the rider a lot of self-esteem since wheel chairs are often associated with disability and disability is often looked down upon. A mobility scooter is more reasonably priced than a powered wheelchair and therefore has evolved as a superior alternative.

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